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Gift shop lots handmade

Gift shop lots handmade

Gift shop lots handmade Gift shop lots handmade

About Us

Rent shelves

We rent different size shelves starting from £4per week paid in advance 4weekly. We dont take commission of your items.

If you want to rent a shelf get in touch 😊🎁

Thrift section

We also have a thrift section in the shop were people can bring in their good quality 2nd hand goods for us to sell this works on a commission basis rather than rental. 😊🎁

Craft work shops

Craft and chat local .

We are just in the process of setting these up but the shop will soon be holding small craft work shops so come and learn something new. 

About us


Myself (Rachel) and Claire are friends and over endless cups of tea we came up with an idea of opening a shop. We are both crafters and decided to open a shop where we could rent shelves to other crafters and sell their amazing products. So here we are. 😊🎁

Handmade and other gifts


As well as handmade gifts we sell other gifts also.



We have a small section of eco friendly products in the shop.  😊🎁


Feed coming soon

Contact Us

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Need more help? We recognize that our customers each have specific needs. 

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